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About us
About us- Plant care

Our mission.

We’re the mother and daughter duo on a mission to put a plant in every home! Why? To put it simply, plants make people happy and well, that’s pretty important to us. And so is plant care! Plants are magical wonders. They’ve been proven to increase our happiness, efficiency and creativity. They also clean the air we breathe so we think everyone needs their own personal plant oasis. You may be seeing our faces a lot but we have a whole tribe of people behind the scenes who share our same belief that plants in your home and workplace improve your general wellbeing. We’re all working together to ensure you get the most out of your plant experience. We’re advocates for plant health and unfortunately we often see a lot of misinformation surrounding plants care. We want to share our knowledge through our website to encourage a mutually beneficial relationship between plants and their caregivers. We’ve chosen our plant selection based on the plants reputation for being relatively easy to care for. We only offer the highest quality stock to ensure you will receive a happy and healthy plant. We’ve taken the guesswork out of choosing the plant best suited to you by providing plant care information for each plant. If you’re still not sure we’re happy to help you choose. Once you’ve decided on your new plant baby we can even have it delivered straight to your door! Every plant arrives with simple care instructions and an invitation to register for complimentary 12-month plant care coaching. You will also have access to ongoing support from qualified horticulturists. So basically we’re all about happy people and happy plants! Follow us on our journey. See more about us in Community and Environment.

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