Plants for the first time plant parent

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plants for the first time plant parent

Here at Zendo Plant Hub we advocate proper care for every plant because we believe plants are important to wellbeing. But let’s be honest, there’s bound to be a few casualties along the way. In an effort to keep your new plants out of the plant graveyard we’ve come up with a few tips and a list of the top 10 hardiest plants for the first time plant parent. These plants will thrive with proper care and attention, however they can survive a few mistakes along the way while you hone in on your care giving skills.

Cast Iron Plant – Aspidistra elatior

There’s a very good reason this plant is known as the ‘Cast Iron Plant’, it’s as tough as… well, cast iron! This beauty is about as hardy as they come. It’s one of the most ideal plants for the first time plant parent. Especially if you’re looking for a taller plant to fill that empty corner. And yes this plant will quite literally survive in a dimly lit corner or even outside on the deck, as long as he avoids direct sunlight he’s not at all fussy about his home.


Zanzibar Gem (aka ZZ plant) – Zamioculus zalmiofolia

Introducing the practically indestructible Zamioculus zalmiofolia. He’s affectionately known as the ZZ plant to the lay folk who can’t get their mouths around his Latin name. You can see just by looking at his foliage that this guy is a warrior! You live in a cave with no natural light? No problem. You’ll probably forget to give him a regular drink? No problem. This plant is probably one of the most forgiving plants out there and even the most ignorant plant parent will know when it finally needs some attention.


Rubber Tree – Ficus elastica

You can literally bring a rubber tree plant into your home, accidentally kick it into the corner between your couch and the wall and forget it even exists until you stumble across it a month later by happy accident and find it completely unscathed by it’s lonely, dark ordeal (don’t ask us how we know this, we just know!). Obviously we’re talking about a baby plant here because adults can get to about 3 metres high and wouldn’t sit so inconspicuously in the corner. If you’re looking for one of the best air filters around and you aren’t scared of chopping this plant back every so often to keep it tamed this one is for you.


Jade Plant – Crassula ovata

Picture an arid desert in Africa, the hot sun beating down and very little rainfall… this is the type of environment the Jade Plant originates from. This plant survives all on it’s own out there so if you can’t keep this plant alive it’s probably time to question whether plant parenting is actually for you. If you’re keeping a Crassula in a pot inside your home you’re best off to find a sunny spot by a window so this plant can shine in all it’s glory, however these hardy plants will also tolerate low light. Unfortunately they aren’t so tolerant of overwatering. If anything is going to kill this guy it will be too much attention. It definitely rates highly for plants for the first time plant parent.


Snake Plant (aka Mother in-laws Tongue) Sansevieria

Let’s just say if you happen to find your Sansevieria resembling a haunted house covered in a thick layer of dust hidden behind cobwebs after being abandoned for years you wouldn’t be the only one to do so. Well, maybe not years. These plants sure can cop abuse and they just keep keeping on being the troopers they are. Again, we advocate proper care for all your plants. We DO NOT recommend neglecting your plants but if that’s more your parenting style than this plant is probably the best chance you have at keeping your plant baby alive.


Chinese evergreen – Aglaoneama

There are many varieties of Aglaoneama however, they mostly have the same minimal needs. The only difference you should find in caring for your Aglaoneama is the amount of light your plant needs. As a rule of thumb for most plants the lighter the foliage the brighter the light it needs. Avoid direct sunlight with this one though. Unfortunately as easy as this plant is to care for if you live in an area where the temperature in your home is often below 15 degrees Celsius you need to give this plant a miss as he doesn’t tolerate the cold very well.


Happy Plant – Dracaena fragrans

As far as plants go they don’t get much happier (and easier to care for) than the ‘Happy Plant’. There’s not a lot to remember here, not too much light, not too much water and if he gets too tall just chop the top off and he will grow back with even more lush foliage. Can you say easy peasy?


Aloe Vera -Aloe Barbadensis

Aloe-ha, Aloe there, Aloe-lujah, Aloe you Vera much, You had me at Aloe… if for no other reason you need an Aloe in your home so you can grow it in a cute pot with a funny plant pun printed on it. You might be asking if awesome plant puns are actually worth keeping an Aloe in your home? The answer is yes… yes they are, because these plants are just so easy to care for! Oh and also because the gel inside the leaf of this plant is a miracle cure for burns and insect bites so keep this guy close to the kitchen and within easy reach. Much like the Jade Plant the Aloe prefers a sunny spot by the window but can tolerate low light if need be and its biggest threat is overwatering.

Peace Lily – Spathiphyllum

There are many varieties of Spathiphyllum but they all have the same needs. The care really doesn’t get any more simple- keep them out of the sun and when their leaves droop give them a drink, or better yet, give them a shower and wash the dust off their beautiful leaves and help them shine again. That’s the bare minimum for this plant to survive, not thrive. With a teeny little bit of extra effort you can grow the most glorious specimen and wow your friends with your plant parenting skills (they don’t need to know how easy it actually is to keep these plants living their best life).


Devils Ivy (aka Pothos) – Epipremnum aureum

If you’re one of the very few people out there who doesn’t love a cascading plant than read no further because this easy to grow plant is not for you. Pothos can cascade gracefully off a shelf or climb up a totem pole, they can live in a jar of water or a pot of soil, in low light or in bright light… pothos is possibly one of the most versatile plants around which is why you’ve likely seen one variety or another growing everywhere from your Grandma’s house to your local café. With so many different varieties available all with lush, glossy foliage it’s almost impossible to pick a favourite…almost!


So there you have it, a quick overview of our top 10 plants for the first time plant parent. These plants can tolerate neglect here and there but all plants need a little TLC to live their best life. Check out our plant care information to get a better idea of which plants will suit your lifestyle best. If you have children or pets we recommend you visit our blog page for more information.

Simply choosing a hardy plant from this list is no guarantee your new plant baby will survive past the first couple of weeks in your new home. To help you along we’ve put together a few top tips to consider before your first plant purchase. We also offer a 12 month plant care coach to guide you through the early days. We’re here to help so if you have any questions at all ask away!

Plants for the first time plant parent.

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