Things to consider before buying your first plant.

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things to consider before buying your first plant
things to consider before buying your first plant

There’s so many articles and lists out there recommending low maintenance plants for first time plant parents. Simply choosing a hardy plant from these lists is no guarantee your new plant baby will survive past the first couple of weeks in your new home. We believe plants are essential to our wellbeing and sometimes it can be disheartening to lose a plant. Before you get your credit card out here are the things to consider before buying your first plant. Follow these tips to ensure a happy and healthy relationship with your new plant baby.

Read the care guide first.

The phrase “thrives on neglect” gets thrown around all too often and we hate to be the bearer of bad news but no plant “thrives” on neglect. When it comes to plants there is a big difference between ‘prefers’ and ‘tolerates’. When a plant is thriving it is happy and healthy and living it’s best life. A plant will thrive in preferable conditions and reward you with abundant growth. When a plant is tolerating its surrounding conditions it is simply suffering gracefully. The plant will put all of its energy into surviving so don’t expect it to flourish. Choose the plants that are most suited to your home environment by considering lighting requirements. If you’re unsure about light you can check our guide to lighting or feel free to ask us.

Don’t go for an instant jungle vibe straight away.

It’s hard to stop at just one plant, we get it! We have sooo many plants ourselves, but it’s important to start with just a few. Three plants is a good number to start with. Three plants is enough to get your jungle growing but it’s not too many to care for at once. Any more than this and you may not be able to give each plant the care it needs. As your care giving skills grow, so too can your plant family.

Ask for advice.

Ask for advice before selecting a plant. Continue to ask for advice after bringing your plant home. Even after your plant has turned to crispy dried sticks it is never too late to ask for advice! All of our plants come with their own plant care guides and comprehensive 12 month plant care coaching. Even so, it’s important to remember that each plant is unique and its needs may vary depending on its surrounding environment. We’re here to help your plants thrive so if you have any questions feel free to ask us. If you’re new to the plant world you probably don’t realise there are countless forums, plant groups and plant pages around. Take advantage of these to ask as many questions as you need to keep your plants happy and healthy. The plant community is usually very welcoming and happy to share their knowledge.

Plant death is inevitable.

Chances are at one point or another you will kill a plant (even a plant that “thrives on neglect”). If someone claims to have never killed a plant we dare say they have never owned a plant. As unfortunate as it is you will just need to accept that it happens. Try not to be disheartened by it, it may not even be your fault so don’t give up! Do some research to figure out what went wrong, learn how to better care for your plants in the future. These are our tips for things to consider before buying your first plant. The best chance you have at avoiding this tragedy is to follow these tips. If you have any further questions just ask us– we’re here to help!

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