Why Jade Plants make the perfect gift

by admin

Crassula ovata, commonly known as Jade Plant, Lucky Plant, Money Tree and Friendship Plant is top of the list for the perfect plant gift. Whatever you know it as it is a highly symbolic plant with significance across many cultures.

Crassula is believed to bring prosperity and friendship to those who own it and is a symbol of good luck. For these reasons Crassula is a popular gift for friends, as a house-warming gift and to gift to those starting a new business or job.

Easy care plant

When it comes to houseplant care it doesn’t get much easier than that of a Crassula. These plants are very hardy and don’t require a lot of care. Crassula is a type of succulent and stores water in its leaves, therefore requiring water less often than most other tropical houseplants. 

Succulents generally require lots of light and the more light a Crassula gets the more it will thrive, however Crassula’s are also happy indoors out of direct sun. 

Child and pet friendly

It’s often easy to overlook the dangers of houseplants when it comes to children and pets, especially if the recipient doesn’t currently have either, but it’s important to keep in mind that children and pets may be in their future, and plants can live for generations when well cared for. It’s usually best to err on the side of caution and choose a child and pet friendly plant such as a Crassula.

Easy to propagate

There’s something a little extra special about propagating a Friendship Plant and sharing it with your friends. Crassula is one of the easiest plants to propagate and you may even find little baby plants already growing in the soil from dropped leaves. Simply place a few leaves on top of the soil and watch them grow or cut a stem and pop it into water or soil, these plants are not fussy at all. 

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