Workshops & Events

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Tuesday 5th April 9:30am
Wednesday 6th April 9:30am
Tuesday 12th April 9:30am
Wednesday 13th April 9:30am

Looking for kids Easter holiday fun?

Come visit us this school holiday, relax amongst the indoor plants and enjoy a quiet coffee in our cafe while we entertain your children for you ☕️

Secure your spot here.

May Workshops

May workshops will be listed soon. You can register your interest in workshops in the mean time and we will contact you when dates have been finalised.

Propagation Basics

Time & Date TBA

Sharing is caring! Learn how to grow your indoor jungle for free by propagating your plants and then you can share the plant love with your friends.

Introduction to Semi-Hydroponics

Time & Date TBA

Many a plant life has been lost converting to hydro so we thought it was about time for an intervention. There are many benefits to growing plants hydroponically and if you’re thinking about making the transition then this workshop is for you.

Indoor Plant Care Essentials

Time & Date TBA

Did you know plants have been proven to increase our happiness, efficiency and creativity? Plants also contribute to cleaning the air we breathe so we think everyone needs their own personal plant oasis. 

House Plant Tour

Time & Date TBA

This 45 minute house plant tour will take place in store after hours and is recommended for participants who have already attended our Indoor Plant Care Essentials workshop.


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